Gotcha! The hunting of a Robosigner.

The development of my Adversarial Proceeding lawsuit is continuing, and some very interesting things to come out last week.   Most important was the discovery that the Authorized Signatory for the bank (Indymac Bank) was a “robosigner”.  That ahs been getting a lot of attention in the press recently.  A robosigner is a person assigned to sign loans at a very high rate of speed, with no knowledge whatsoever of the content of the loan.

Here is an example of a robosigner who was a hairstylist, for example.  My loan showed the same Authorized Signatory for the Mortgage Electronic Recording Service (MERS) as for OneWest Bank (which took over Indymac), and also for DeutscheBank National Trust Company.  The same person!

The more we found out about the person, the more interesting it became.  This guy is JC San Pedro, a 32 year old realtor from Austin, TX.  Keep in mind that the banks that he is foreclosing for are in the greater Los Angeles area.  Nevertheless, these august institutions (OneWest and Indymac) apparently sought out a 30 year old realtor from Austin, TX as the authority to review their loans.

We found that he signed as signatory for MERS as well as Deutsche Bank National Trust Company.  His Facebook page shows that he lives in Austin, and is a realtor interested in investing.  Think we got the right guy?


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3 Responses to Gotcha! The hunting of a Robosigner.

  1. Lee Boothby, Esq. says:

    I am fighting to keep my clients in their home. Unbeknowst to them IndyMac obtained a default judgment back in Sept. of 2009 against them using an Affidavit of Missing Assignment by none other than JC San Pedro and guess who else? Erica A. Johnson-Seck, she signed the affidavit of Lost Note. I have found so much fraud. Its remarkable!

    • Your Host says:


      Thanks for responding to my blog “Bankruptcy and Foreclosure”, regarding the Robosigner JC San Pedro and all of that.

      There is a mountain of fraud, and all of this provides ammunition for lawsuits, with the goal of either knocking out the bank’s interest entirely, or at least getting a buyout deal for a fraction on the dollar.

      I’m going to start work on an E-Book about all of the useful details.

      Best Regards, Robert

  2. If anyone has any known signatures of JC San Pedro please contact me at 877-276-5084. I will swap signatures. Important foreclosure case at issue. Thank you.

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